Our Story


Hangai Mountain Textiles is our family-owned and run business with a showroom in Basalt, Colorado and a presence in Mongolia where we source our fibers, and where we have lived and worked for more than a decade. 

Our unique collection of yak down, baby camel and cashmere throws and accessories are knit and woven exclusively in Mongolia from hand-combed natural fibers, ensuring that the value-added production remains in-country for the herder families, the knitters and the weavers with whom we partner.

Rare yak down is our passion because it is exquisitely soft, warm and, unbleached and undyed. Yak  have a special sustainability story. Yak are relatively light on the land because they graze without uprooting the native steppe grasses like other animals.  The yak down used to weave and knit our throws and blankets is sourced largely from the Hangai mountains, which inspired our brand name. The Hangai are located in Mongolia’s central heartland. 

Our partners include herder families, local associations and cooperatives, as well as knitters and weavers who share our values that embrace fair trade, sustainable production, local empowerment, and traceability.  

Together with Mongolian and U.S. entrepreneurs, we are building an international brand that showcases Mongolia’s extraordinary natural fibers and in this fashion we are also helping preserve tradition and culture.

Betina & Bill Infante