Our Story


Hangai Mountain Textiles is a family-owned and run business that produces high-quality blankets, throws and accessories from hand-combed yak down, pure cashmere and baby camel in Mongolia.   

Hangai Mountain Textiles was founded in 2015. We are based now in Basalt, Colorado with a showroom at Willits Bend, and have a presence in Mongolia, where all of our blankets and throws are produced.  We have been living and working in Mongolia since 2006, building domestic and international brands.  After close to a decade, we are also directing our efforts to working with Mongolian entrepreneurs to build an international brand that showcases Mongolia's natural fibers that have been hand-combed by herding communities for centuries.

Mongolia's rare yak down fiber is our passion because it's exquisitely soft, warm and exotic. The yak down that is used to weave and knit our throws and blankets is sourced largely from the Hangai Mountains in Mongolia’s heartland, which inspired our brand name. 

We conceive our collections with partners who share our values, and who encourage herder communities to raise their animals sustainably.
From fiber to finish, all of our textiles are sourced exclusively in Mongolia, which ensures that the herder families, and knitters and weavers with whom we partner benefit most.  

Betina & Bill Infante