Mongolian Yak Fiber: A Story of Traditional Livelihoods and Eco-Friendly Home Decor

Posted by Hangai Mountain Textiles on Apr 28th 2023

<Mongolian Yak Fiber: A Story of Traditional Livelihoods and Eco-Friendly Home Decor
Mongolia, a landlocked country in Northeast Asia, is known for its vast grasslands, rugged mountains, and nomadic culture. For centuries, the Mongolian people have relied on their herds of livestock, includingyaks, for sustenance and livelihoods. Yaks are a resilient breed of bovine that are adapted to the harsh climate and high altitude of Mongolia, where temperatures can drop to -40°C in winter.Apart from providing milk, meat, and transportation, yaks also yield a precious fiber that is prized
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Happy Tsagaan Sar 2023!

Posted by Betina Infante on Mar 7th 2023

<Happy Tsagaan Sar 2023!
Greetings on this joyous occasion of Tsagaan Sar! Wishing you all happiness, good health, and success in the year ahead. The year of the Rabbit is believed to bring peace, prosperity, and good luck. A special thank you to our valued clients and Mongolian partners for your continued support and partnership. Happy Lunar New Year of the Rabbit.Tsagaan Sar is the Mongolian term for the Lunar New Year celebration, which is one of the most important traditional holidays in Mongolia. The holiday is cel
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Partner Interview with Hom Market in Hastings on Hudson

Posted by Betina Infante on Oct 6th 2022

<Partner Interview with Hom Market in Hastings on Hudson
We caught up with Britt Summers, the founder of the Hom Market - our new partners in Hastings on Hudson - which is all&nbsp;about bringing home exquisite global goods and art that elevate everyday moments. They sell small-batch goods, artisan made ceramics, art, hand loomed textiles, vintage finds, furniture, and gourmet pantry goods.&nbsp;She had some fun questions for us!&nbsp;READ FULL INTERVIEW
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Earth Day Tribute

Posted by William Infante on Apr 22nd 2022

<Earth Day Tribute
Mongolia’s vast steppes and alpine meadows support herds that have sustained families, culture and tradition for centuries. Living and working in Mongolia for two decades, we at Hangai Mountain Textiles understand the complex interaction between responsible resource stewardship and development.As pressures build on Mongolia’s grasslands we encourage practices that help preserve ecosystems. Our passion is yak fiber which is hand-harvested each spring from animals that are relatively light on th
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Interview with Studio Zung in NYC

Posted by WRITTEN BY SARAH HEE JOO HAHN on Nov 11th 2021

<Interview with Studio Zung in NYC
ARTISAN WEDNESDAY | BETINA AND BILL INFANTE FROM HANGAI MOUNTAIN TEXTILESTo gather a deeper and more intimate connection with the artists and artisans we work with, we asked each to answer a series of questions. We will be showcasing each Q+A in correlation with our familial content. Enjoy!x Shop ZungWithout giving away your location, describe where you are right now. What are the things you see, smell, or hear around you? Old oak trees shrouded in Spanish moss line shaded streets. The cicadas
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